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About Us

Our Story

Neurotech was founded in 2000 with a mission to deliver biological therapeutics, through a sustained release cell-based delivery device, to the back of the eye allowing for longer delivery of therapeutic protein drugs, thus eliminating the need for frequent injections or topical drops. The Company's most advanced clinical program is to develop a treatment for macular telangiectasia type 2 (MacTel). The origins of this program were initiated in 2010, when Dr. Martin Friedlander and Dr. Alan Bird introduced us to the Lowy Medical Research Institute (LMRI) and the Lowy Family Group (LFG). LMRI’s mission is to understand the causes of MacTel and translate these discoveries into novel treatments. LMRI evolved from the MacTel Project which was established by the Lowy family and a multinational group of clinicians and scientists out of a deep personal interest to understand and treat MacTel. 


In 2016, Neurotech was reorganized, and since that time, operations fully supported by LFG have focused on MacTel. We have successfully completed both a Phase I and Phase II clinical study in MacTel. Phase III clinical trials are completed, and we are accelerating towards commercialization.


We are extremely excited about the future direction of the Company as we work toward many other applications of our delivery system to help treat a variety of retinal diseases. We look forward to continuing to update our story as we progress our novel treatments through clinical development to commercialization.

Eye Checkup


Neurotech is developing an innovative delivery platform that delivers a biological agent over an extended period of time in order to slow the progression of retinal-based diseases. We aim to address an unmet need for effective, long-term treatments in retinal diseases.     



Every employee plays an important role in the success of Neurotech. Positive attitude, commitment and transparency are essential to achieve success. It is crucial for all employees to embrace the following values:

  • Patient-centric emphasis — Creating effective treatments to improve the quality of life for our patients is at the core of what motivates us on a daily basis 

  • Quality — Dedicated excellence in everything we do through a focus on quality      

  • Collaborate — Commitment to working collaboratively both internally and externally with our partners

  • Integrity — Obligation to deliver what is promised with honesty and hard work and always doing “the right thing”

  • Accountability — Take responsibility for owning the outcome of work-related tasks or projects to develop effective long-term treatment solutions.

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To deliver a novel delivery platform will be an effective long-term treatment solution to slow the progression of a variety of retinal diseases that lead to loss of vision and other vision impairments that significantly impact a patient’s quality of life.

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